Motorbike Maintenance Tips

Posted on: 6 December 2021

Motorcycles are fuel-efficient and flexible means of transportation. Keeping your motorcycle in good shape improves its fuel efficiency and prevents accidents. Most motorcycles have a manual for regular check-up data, and you can browse this information once in a while as you service your bike. Here are a few areas that need your attention when conducting routine maintenance for your motorcycle. 

Oil Change

The manual contains data regarding the frequency of oil changes. However, you may have to change the oil more often if you use your bike frequently. You can check the oil manually using a dipstick. The standard oil level should be between the higher and lower mark on the dipstick in the cross-hatched area. If the oil fluctuates beyond this region, you need to drain or add some oil. Turn off the engine for a while before checking the oil level. When the engine is on, the oil is in various components, yet the dipstick only records the level in the oil sump. Oil changes are essential in removing the dirty oil and replacing it with clean oil. Clean oil lubricates the engine parts better than dirty oil. The oil change minimizes overheating, wear, tear, and loss of energy in the engine due to friction.

Drive Chain

The drive chain is an essential part of your motorcycle. The technician lubricates the chain and minimizes the loss of the power transferred from the engine to the wheel. The technician may also recommend replacing a damaged chain, which prevents the chain from failing during a trip. You can also lubricate the chain several times during long journeys, especially in dusty areas. Ensure the drive chain has the correct tension since excessive slack causes vibrations that fatigue the chain, while a very tight chain increases wear by creating an additional load. The technician can correctly adjust the chain's tension when servicing the motorcycle. 

Maintaining Accurate Sensors

The sensors in modern motorcycles are advantageous for the driver. They enable you to push the bike to the best of its performance while keeping you safe. For example, the stability control system sensors keep the rider safe in rocky, sandy, or wet conditions. You can continuously apply brakes or power without worrying if the tires can handle the changes. Therefore, these sensors need to be functional and accurate. The technician at the motorcycle service shop tests, repairs, and replaces sensors. You can also get upgrades and modifications to existing systems.

Electrical Repairs

Defects in the electrical system of your motorcycle are disastrous. However, these issues are common, especially if you have a high-performance engine whose heat may sometimes damage the wiring harness. Therefore, you need to constantly fasten and reposition the harness relative to other parts of the motorcycle. Common signs of a failed wiring loom include malfunctioning lights, problems starting the engine, and broken wires. Wiring issues that go unrepaired for a long time may cause severe engine damage, faulty regulator rectifier, battery drain, spark plug damage, and overheating.

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