Things to Consider When Shopping for a New UTV or Side x Side

Posted on: 13 August 2021

UTVs or side x side vehicles can be configured in many different ways, from working vehicles to sport and offroad setups. The side x side that is right for your needs may have a dump bed on the back or could be a modified machine with oversized tires that will get you deep into the woods for hunting, fishing, or trail riding activities. Visiting a side x side dealer is often the best place to start if you are considering one of these UTVs and want to see what is available.

What's In A Name

Utility vehicles or UTVs, referred to as side x side vehicles, have gotten their name from the configuration of the seating in the vehicle. Unlike older ATVs, these vehicles have the seats mounted on a frame next to each other like a car. 

Traditionally, if you rode two-up on an ATV, it was one behind the other, but with a side x side, you ride beside each other, making the vehicle a side by side UTV. There are even models with four seats, so these vehicles offer more comfortable riding positions and provides the ability to take more friends with you when you head off the beaten path. 

Styles And Configuration

When you are considering buying a side x side, the purpose you are going to use it for can significantly impact the style of machine you purchase. Because these vehicles are small and lightweight, they are great for taking to a trailhead in the back of a truck, but they are also durable and can be used for things like work around the farm.

Sport machines often look more like offroad buggies with sleek side panels, no cargo area, and large, aggressive tires. While utility models commonly only hold two people and will often have a bed on them like a truck bed, but smaller. These utility models have the torque and power to haul large loads around, and the bed can be configured as a dump body on some machines. 

They may also have a cab that you can put on the UTV for winter use, and some companies even offer small heaters that you can install in the cab to stay warm while out working. Most sports models don't have a cab or heater, but these side x side machines are typically designed for use in good weather. 

The best way to get a look at many different models and styles of side x side machines is to visit a dealer in your area that carries them. The dealer can answer all your questions and help you decide how large a machine you need and what accessories may fit your needs. Contact a side x side dealer near you to learn more.


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