Here's Why You Need To Get An E-Bike

Posted on: 12 July 2021

Do you like biking? Did you know you can use modern options like electric bikes to make traveling more convenient and improve your health? If you are interested in electric bikes and considering getting one, this guide is for you. It contains different types of e-bikes and numerous benefits to expect from them.

What Are E-bikes?

Electric bikes are somewhat similar to traditional bikes. However, unlike the latter, a modern e-bike comes with extra components like a controller, power source (battery), display monitor, and electric motor. The extra components in e-bikes have inherent designs that support human pedaling without entirely replacing it. As a result, these bikes are ideal for riding through difficult obstacles like steep hills and mountainous terrains.

Types of E-bikes

E-bikes fall in one of these three broad categories:

Class 1 E-bikes

Class 1 e-bikes are also called pedal assist. With these e-bikes, you need to pedal before the motor kicks in for support. Some pedal assists come with throttles. They also have a speed cap of 20 mph, and you can ride them at any age without a driver's license.

Class 2 E-bikes

Class 2 e-bikes are equipped with throttles that control their motors. You can use the throttle on your class 2 e-bike to shift speed. Plus, it doesn't require you to peddle for the motor to function.

Class 3 E-bikes

These are also pedal-assist electric bicycles. However, unlike class 1 e-bikes, they have a speed limit of 28 mph, making them the fastest option available. Some class 3 e-bikes come with throttles. Riders also need to be 16 years or older and wear a helmet to use these e-bikes. 

Benefits of Using E-bikes

First and foremost, electric bikes are a cleaner, environment-friendly alternative to cars and other automobiles. If you want to go green, get an e-bike and use it to move from place to place. E-bikes are also more convenient to use in cities plagued with constant traffic jams. You can use an e-bike to undertake casual errands and get to work efficiently. That is one reason why they are popular with inner-city companies like door-to-door food delivery businesses.

Furthermore, pedal-assist e-bikes only assist you in pedaling to a certain extent. Therefore, you can still use them to generate numerous health benefits, including losing weight, building muscles, and boosting metabolism. You get to enjoy outdoor activities like mountain biking more efficiently with e-bikes. These activities, coupled with fresh air, sunshine, and inspiring sites, are more likely to have tremendous benefits on your psychological health. Look into different types of e-bikes like Bulls e-bikes


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