Ensure That Your Pet Car Seat Cover Has These Features

Posted on: 27 April 2021

Car seat covers on the front seats of your vehicle can provide a combination of style and comfort, but if you own a dog that you frequently carry in the back seat of your car, you should also think about a car seat cover that is designed for pets. There are all sorts of products of this sort on the market, so it's a good idea to evaluate a few options to identify what will best suit your needs.

While you'll always need to ensure that you buy something that will properly fit the back seat of your car, you should also look for a cover that has these features.

Durable Surface

Be sure to thoroughly assess the surface of the car seat cover to check its durability. Some dogs enjoy scratching at the surfaces beneath them, and you don't want to buy a product that your dog will be able to damage by scratching—and potentially expose the actual car seat to damage, too. High-quality pet car seat covers are made of thick material and use heavy stitching to stand up to pets' nails. Buying a product that meets this description is especially important if your dog has a track record of scratching in the car.

Appropriate Color

Pet car seat covers are available in a lot of different colors, and while you'll want to buy something that either matches or complements the interior colors of your vehicle, it's also useful to consider the color of the pet's fur. Lots of dogs shed their fur, which means that you can expect a lot of fur to get on the seat cover over time. It's ideal if you can buy a product in a color that closely resembles your dog's fur. This will prevent the fur from being as evident, which can help to give your car a tidy appearance. For example, black fur on a black cover won't be as visible as white fur on a black cover.

Middle Zipper

Another important feature to look for when you buy a pet car seat cover is a zipper down the middle that can split the cover into two halves. If you wish to travel with your pet and have a passenger ride in the back seat, they probably won't want to sit on the pet car seat cover. A zipper will allow you to open up the cover to expose one of the back seats for your passenger while keeping the car seat cover in place on the other seat for your pet.

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