The Benefits Of A Dedicated GPS Device

Posted on: 26 March 2021

If you have a smartphone today, you likely have a device that can also be used as a GPS. There are often multiple apps that can be downloaded that will offer such a service over your phone, and some phone manufacturers even have their own GPS app pre-installed. While this is convenient, it's still possible today to purchase a dedicated GPS device as you could in the days before smartphones became popular. In fact, depending on your use case or personal preference, there a variety of reasons why you still might want to opt for a dedicated GPS device, instead of relying on just your phone.

Better Maps Are a Possibility

While the large smartphone companies have spent a lot of time and money improving the accuracy of the maps and directions their GPS apps can provide, it's possible that a company that is solely dedicated to just GPS may end up having higher-quality maps. These maps could offer additional detail than the app on your phone, or provide additional alternative routes.

A Larger Screen

Is your current smartphone not that large? If you prefer carrying around a smaller phone that can more easily fit in your pocket or purse, there's no problem with that. But a smaller phone might be harder to see while driving, especially if you need to quickly glance at it on the fly. A dedicated GPS device is more likely to have a larger screen, and you can simply mount it right to your car's dashboard without worrying about re-mounting or removing it every time you get out of the car, as you do with a phone.

Spotty Cell Phone Coverage is Not a Problem

A dedicated GPS device from a top manufacturer typically taps into that company's satellite network in order to provide consistent coverage that will not drop out just when you need it the most. Contrast that with the cell phone coverage you receive when driving towards a more remote area. You don't want to lose the ability to receive directions just because your cellular connection is going in and out. With the dedicated network provided by a dedicated GPS, this will no longer be a problem.

Smartphones can do a lot of things for you today, and that includes providing basic GPS directions. But there are plenty of good reasons to still consider investing in a dedicated GPS device. For more information about a GPS device, like a Garmin GPSMAP 743, contact a local seller.


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