Things To Consider When Buying Parts For Your Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Posted on: 27 July 2020

Finding the right parts for your motorcycle is essential, and if you are working on restoring an older bike or repairing a motorcycle that is under warranty, getting the right parts can make a significant difference in the outcome. In some cases, using anything other than approved parts can cause issues later. 

Factory Parts 

One of the best ways to make sure the Harley Davidson parts you are buying are genuine is to buy your parts from a Harley Davidson dealer. The parts department at your local dealership will carry factory replacement parts for many different models and guarantee the parts for you. 

Genuine Harley Davidson parts will have a manufacturer's warranty on them, so if you buy a part for your bike and it fails shortly after, the parts department at your local dealer will most likely replace the part for you. If the part was damaged during installation, they might not want to replace it, but as long as the failure is a manufacturing defect or a failure as a result of something out of your control, you should be able to get a replacement. 

Parts are often only guaranteed for a short time, so be sure to ask about that time frame when you are buying the parts. The parts typically have a ninety-day guarantee, but electrical parts many times do not go more than thirty days. Makes sure you inquire for each part you buy, so you are clear on the terms. 

Fit and Performance

It is critical that the Harley Davidson parts you are buying fit the motorcycle properly. A part that does not fit properly may not function correctly and, in some cases, can be dangerous to use. Be sure to check the new parts carefully and compare them to the old ones you are removing. If there is a mounting flange that is different or an electrical connector that does not look right, do not use the part. Take it back to the dealer and show them the old part to help determine if there is another part that will fit your motorcycle correctly. 

A part that does not fit properly can also affect the performance of the motorcycle negatively. Using a part that is similar but not a perfect fit, could cause damage to other components on the motorcycle, so working with the dealer to get Harley Davidson parts may cost a little more, but it is the best way to ensure that your motorcycle will ride and perform like it did when it was new.

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