Safety Tips For First-Time ATV Riders

Posted on: 7 April 2020

Are you looking for a new adventure for your family? If so, renting an ATV for an offroad adventure might be just the thing you are looking for. Whether you want to use an ATV to help with other outdoor pursuits, such as hunting or fishing, or you just want to discover the joy of offroading, your first experience needs to be a safe one. The following safety tips can help ensure that you enjoy your offroad trip.

Take a Safety Class

Basic safety isn't something you can learn from a checklist on the back of a rental agreement. Most rental services will provide a short safety training that is targeted to the specific ATV you will be renting. By choosing to participate in this training, you will be sure to understand proper shifting, acceleration, braking, and control techniques. Further, you can get hands-on instruction to help you avoid common hazards as well as learning what to do if you are stuck in a tight spot. If safety training isn't automatically included in your rental, be sure to request it.

Wear the Proper Gear

The right safety gear is not optional — consider it required. In some localities, you may even be legally required to wear a helmet and other safety items. Besides the helmet, you should wear ATV gloves and goggles at a bare minimum. Protective clothing is also a good idea, especially when you are first learning to ride an ATV and may be more likely to have bumps and falls. A protective jacket and pants or chaps can help prevent road rash, for example. Many ATV rental services also provide safety gear, either as part of the ATV rental or for an extra fee.

Practice First

An ATV operates differently than the vehicles you may be used to. The biggest difference is in the throttle, or gas pedal. Instead of a floor pedal, ATVs have throttle bars on the handles. You must practice in a safe, open area to get used to the throttle controls so that you don't accidentally surge forward at a dangerous starting speed. It's also important to practice braking and shifting while you are in a safe area with an expert nearby to help.

Know the Correct Posture

Finally, don't overlook posture when it comes to your first ATV ride. Poor posture can lead to discomfort and injury. The goal is to keep your back straight but not tight while also keeping your elbows and knees loose enough to avoid injury. Further, you must lean away from a curve when you are on an ATV. If you want to lift out of the seat while riding, only do so on relatively level and straight stretches of trail, particularly when you are still learning.

Fun on the ATV and safety go hand in hand. Contact a provider of services like outdoor ATV Jeep rental services to learn more about planning your adventure.


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