Selecting The Right Side-By-Side UTV For Your Needs

Posted on: 3 March 2020

In the world of off-road UTVs (utility vehicles), side-by-sides are some of the most common machines available, but they are not all the same. Many manufacturers make side-by-sides with many different uses in mind, so selecting the right one for your situation is essential. 

Utility Vehicles

The standard UTV is often a vehicle that has a cab for two people seated next to each other and a utility bed or body on the back that allows the user to haul things around in it. Some of these beds can dump materials using a hydraulic pump, and some are solidly mounted with only a tailgate to access the bed. 

The cab may have a roof on it or a rollbar overhead, and some have doors, heaters, and even air conditioning in them. UTVs are commonly found in farming operations and on construction sites, and many people use them around their land or as a runabout at the campground in the summer. 

The additional equipment you can get for them includes lights, winches, heavy-duty bumpers, skid plates, and a lot more. Talk with the dealer when you are looking at UTVs to see what add-ons you might need for yours. 

Recreational Side-by-Sides

Another style of side-by-side that is popular is the recreational UTV that is designed for traveling off-road and having fun, not for work. These side-by-sides have larger tires, taller suspension systems, and gear ratios that make them faster and more capable off-road. Like the standard machines, they have a passenger compartment, but they are typically not enclosed. 

Many of the recreational-style UTVs also carry two riders up front and two in the rear, making them more like an off-road buggy than a truck. The four-passenger buggies have a slightly longer wheelbase than the two-passenger machines, and the suspension is heavier to deal with the added weight of the two additional passengers. 

Accessories are plentiful for these machines, and the four-passenger UTVs may even have trailer hitches on them that can pull small, lightweight trailers to camp or through the woods to a destination. Hunters, fishers, and outdoor enthusiasts often buy the four-passengers rigs with a small trailer so they can use them to get to a favorite spot in the woods and take all the gear they need with them. 

Be sure to talk to the dealer when you are looking at side-by-sides and ask about off-road trailers so they can show you what options you have. You might even be able to get a package deal if you are buying both at the same time. 

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