Selecting Radios For Your Race Team

Posted on: 20 February 2020

Communication is critical between a race car driver and the team or crew. If something is going on with the car, the driver needs to be able to tell the team what is happening so that they can be ready to correct the problem when the car comes into the pit. Selecting radios that work for the conditions you need them to is critical, and there some things to consider.

Digital Radio Service

When you start to look for radios for your race team, you are going to find a lot of digital radios on the market. The digital radio has the best options, and the frequency range they offer is far greater than older analog units. Add to that, the digital radio has a better range, and the signal can penetrate objects easier, so communicating around the race track is less spotty with digital radios than with older systems. 

You will need to apply for a license for your radio frequency before the channel is assigned to you. The FCC (federal communications commission) controls the frequencies. When a new frequency is requested, great care is taken to ensure that the channel is not already taken or that the one they give you is not going to interfere with another radio in the area. 

Digital bands can be split to allow more frequencies, and with the addition of a PL code (private line), several people can use the same frequencies. Still, the PL code has to be programmed into every radio on your system so that they receive the radio traffic when you broadcast over it. 

Large sanctioning bodies often control the radio frequencies used during their races, so check with them before you buy your radios. You may not need to buy a frequency if they already own one that is assigned to your team. 

Radio Repeaters

Another benefit of professional grade digital radios is the availability of repeater systems. A repeater is basically a base station that receives the radio traffic and rebroadcasts it at a higher power range. For race teams, this means you can use a small handheld radio that is lightweight and easy to carry, but you have the power you need to reach other members of the team. 

Mounting a repeater in the race trailer allows you to have the repeater in the central area that you are working in, but the single from the track, pits, or any other area you are in has a better chance of reaching the intended recipient. 


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